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Can I claim stimulus payments while living in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, even if you resided in Saudi Arabia during the pandemic, you might still be eligible to claim US stimulus payments.

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How much can I receive from the stimulus payments?

Here are the amounts for each round of stimulus payments:

  • First Round: $1,200 per adult
  • Second Round: $600 per adult
  • Third Round: $1,400 per adult and dependent

How do I claim the first two rounds?

To claim the first two rounds, you need to file your 2020 tax return by May 17, 2024. The total amount you’ll receive is $1,800 per adult for the first two rounds.

Can I claim for my dependents?

Yes, you can claim for your dependents if they have Social Security Numbers (SSNs) issued before the 2020 tax return deadline. The payments for dependents are:

  • First Round: $500 per dependent
  • Second Round: $600 per dependent

How do I claim the third stimulus payment?

To claim the third stimulus payment, you need to file your 2021 tax return by April 15, 2025. The payment is $1,400 for each adult and dependent.

Who is eligible for the stimulus payments?

Eligibility for the stimulus payments is based on your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI):

  • AGI Limit: Payments are reduced if your AGI exceeds $75,000.
  • Foreign-Earned Income Exclusion: Utilizing this exclusion can lower your AGI, potentially making you eligible for the full amount.

Why partner with a specialist Expat accountant?

Living outside of the US can make your tax filing requirements complicated. To ensure you pay the minimum amount of taxes, it’s critical to work with an accountant who understands every aspect and avenue for reducing your tax liability. We have a dedicated team of tax accountants who work exclusively with US expats earning and investing in Germany. Partnering with a specialist expat accountant can help you navigate complex tax regulations and optimize your tax situation.


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