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Your Security and Privacy


When you exchange your private documents via your Secure Tax Folder, we want you to know it’s handled by Citrix ShareFile. They’re the global experts in data security and storage.

We’re brilliant at U.S. tax, but they’re the experts in data security… so we’ll leave it to them.

Share File Citrix

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Client-side encryption 

Encryption is a method for transforming data during either transfer or storage so that it requires permission to access. The data is transformed using an algorithm that generates a decryption key that must be used in order to open the data.

Secure uploads and downloads

Files are uploaded and downloaded between the end user and the storage tier directly over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted segment using high grade encryption. ShareFile supports TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. These are the same encryption protocols and algorithms used by e-commerce services and online banking.

Secure user access

Each user on an account is given a unique username and password to login. Passwords are hashed so that not even ShareFile employees can access this information. If a user enters an incorrect password five times in a row, the system will lock that user account for five minutes before they can login again.

Servers and storage

ShareFile accounts are stored on servers maintained by Amazon Web Services in multiple locations across the globe. An account’s data is generally stored at the server location that is geographically nearest to the administrator.


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Network and connections used by ShareFile

ShareFile separates application traffic from file uploads and downloads. ShareFile client applications require access to the SaaS application as well as access to the storage location for their account. The SaaS application is hosted by Citrix and accessed using a customer-specific URL such as or User account settings, business logic and file metadata are handled by the SaaS application—no files are stored within the SaaS application tier.

ShareFile authentication

When logging into the Citrix ShareFile web application, you provide your email address and password at your account landing page. After a period of time your session will timeout and you will be prompted to login again. ShareFile Enterprise customers can opt to integrate with Active Directory and redirect this login process.

Data Storage

Working with your data. When our EAs, CPAs and their support teams are working with your confidential information all the work that is conducted is done within the industry leading security software.

We use CCH by:


Data Storage
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Secure log in

Administrators can control rights and define user access to features and files. User logon, audit trails and secure storage help protect practice and client information.

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Military grade encryption

For complete peace of mind CCH uses the highest available, military grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. On top of this we apply the same security protocols as internet banks to give the visible reassurance of an https website address and familiar closed padlock icon.

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Document locking

Documents that have been checked out can be viewed but not changed, preventing potentially conflicting edits.


E-filing to the IRS 

Once your tax return is ready to be filed your complete tax return is transported securely between CCH and the IRS.

The connection between CCH and the IRS is completely encrypted from beginning to end.

We’re PCI compliant, so your payments and data are safe.

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