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We prepare great tax returns for Americans

- living abroad

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We’re a little different…

Before we started our online service, we asked over 1,000 Americans living abroad what they wanted from an online tax service.

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Upfront prices

Our fair prices are clearly displayed and most additional forms are included in the base price. Forms that require extra fees are shown big and bright. If you’re not satisfied with the service, we’ll give you a refund.

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Maximum Security

You’re concerned about uploading your private documents over the internet. We are too! We only use ShareFile, the leading online secure system from world-renowned Citrix.

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Expat specialist

Our CPAs and EAs that are managing your tax return must be expat specialists with many years of experience in actual expat taxes, not just local US taxes, the differences are significant.

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Ok, it’s not fun

They said our online service had to be great value, fun and easy. Well, we think we’ve done a top job on the price and we’ve made it super-easy. We didn’t make it fun, sorry.

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IRS Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program

Do you need to catch up on your US tax returns?

Expat Tax Online handle over 2,000 Streamlined Tax Amnesty applications every year, with a 100% acceptance rate.
Read more about the IRS Streamlined Procedures here.

We’re the industry price leader backed with thousands of 5-star, independent reviews.

IRS Streamlined - I Haven’t Filed US Tax Returns For 10 Years…

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Taxable Income

It isn’t just your salary, it’s all income including bonuses, housing allowance or the value of a property your given to live in and also airfares back the US plus more.. Be careful when you report your total income for the tax year, make sure you include everything… Read more…

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Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a refundable credit that reduces families’ tax liability by a certain amount per qualifying child. If the overall tax due is reduced below zero because of the credit, that amount is refunded to the taxpayer(s). This credit phases out for high-income earners and… Read more


Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

The foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE) allows qualifying U.S. expatriates to exclude a certain amount of their foreign income on their U.S. tax return to lower their taxable income. This allows U.S. taxpayers earning foreign income to avoid U.S. taxation on a portion of… Read more…

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Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program

Many U.S. citizens living abroad are not aware that they have an obligation to file an annual U.S. federal tax return, others have been filing them incorrectly with essential details missing, such as pensions and retirement accounts. These people have a chance to become compliant once… Read more…

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Testimonials & Reviews

“I recommend Expat Tax Online to any American citizen residing overseas. They are professional, thorough, and easy to work with…” – Madison McCoy.

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