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Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program

Many U.S. citizens living abroad are not aware that they have an obligation to file an annual U.S. federal tax return, others have been filing them incorrectly with essential details missing, such as pensions and retirement accounts. These people have a chance to become compliant once more, risk-free.

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What’s the process?

Filing your expat taxes has never been so simple. Answer our easy-to-understand questions, and let Expat Tax Online take care of the rest. You sign it, we’ll file, job done!

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1. Questionnaire

Complete our simple online questionnaire, upload any statements, and we’ll do the rest.

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2. Number Crunch

Leave all the calculations and the tough stuff to us. Our accountants love it.

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3. Sign It

You download it and sign it, we’ll file it. If your return cannot be e-filed, we’ll give you the exact IRS mailing address.

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IRS Streamlined Amnesty Program

Frequently Asked Questions.

Thousands of American citizens living abroad have failed to submit their tax returns to the IRS simply because they didn’t know they had to, or they received poor, incorrect advice.

Starting a new life abroad can make us forget our previous responsibilities back in the US. Luckily, you can now start fresh with the IRS Streamlined Offshore Filing Procedure that allows you to catch up on your US taxes from wherever you want to call home.

The US is one of only two countries where the taxation system is citizenship-based, not residency-based like almost every other country, and this leads to the rise in overseas tax delinquents.

To resolve this, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released the Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program, which is officially called the Streamlined Offshore Filing Procedure. The program helps overseas Americans and Green Card holders catch up on their unsettled US tax returns. No matter how far you’ve fallen behind, the IRS Amnesty program enables you to comply with government tax laws while avoiding the risk of penalties and late-fees altogether.

Let’s catch up on those overdue tax returns, contact us now!

Should I use the Streamlined
Tax Amnesty Program?

Are you an American citizen or Green Card holder living abroad who has fallen behind on filing their US federal tax returns?
Maybe you didn’t even know you had to file US federal tax returns? You’re not the only one.

Say goodbye to overdue tax returns, late-fees, and penalties!

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I want more information about the Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program

Expat Tax Online is where the process is made easy for those seeking amnesty. Clients are helped with the requirements and are successfully guided through the process.

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Testimonials & Reviews

“I recommend Expat Tax Online to any American citizen residing overseas. They are professional, thorough, and easy to work with…”

– Madison McCoy.