Federal Tax Return



Who’s this package for?

U.S. taxpayers that need US tax returns
preparing and filing when they’ve been
living outside for the US for the
whole tax year.


catch-up program


Who’s this package for?

U.S. taxpayers that are at least
3 years behind in filing their U.S. tax returns
and want to catch up using the special
IRS Streamlined Amnesty program.

Add-ons for Federal tax return package:

  • Self-employed +$0
  • Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR – up to 6 accounts) +$47
  • Income $101k USD – $200k per taxpayer +$97
  • State Tax Return +97
  • Registered Corporation* +$447
  • Statement of Foreign Financial Assets (Form 8938) +$47


 Add-ons for Streamlined:

  • Self-employment +$0
  • Income $101k USD – $200k per taxpayer + $225
  • Registered Corporation* +$995
  • Canadian TFSA +$745
  • Canadian RESP +$745
  • Statement of Foreign Financial Assets (Form 8938) +$141


 What Package is right for me?

If your’e not sure, start with our basic package and complete the questionnaire.

Will advise you and you’ll pay for what you need.

 Who prepare my tax return?

Your return will pass through 3 stages; Assessment, Preparation, and Approval. The Preparation stage is completed by licensed (EA, CPA) tax preparer. The Approval stage is completed by a senior tax specialist (EA, CPA) with a minimum 8 years experience in international US tax preparation

 How Long does it takes?

Once we have all your information, you can expect prepared tax returns within 5-7 working days.
Allow around 10-12 days for the IRS Streamlined Amnesty program.

 Money Back guarantee

If your’e not totally satisfied with the accuracy of your tax return you can have all your money back.

Simply tell us before your return is filed and we’ll arrange a refund