I have not filed my US tax return in years; where do I start?

Your situation is quite common, and we help people with it every day.
Let me tell you about the Streamlined Offshore Filing Procedure. It’s an amnesty program the IRS is offering at the moment.
In a nutshell, we have to file the last three US tax returns that you’ve missed, plus your bank account reports for the last 6 years.
It is complicated, but all the hard work is done on our side, it really isn’t difficult for you at all.
By using the Amnesty program, you can forget about previous years, the IRS promises not to look back any further than three tax returns we file, as long as you promise to keep filing each year going forward.
On top of that, they promise no fines and no penalties.
The Streamlined Amnesty Program is only available for a limited time so it’s certainly worth taking advantage of.
Less than 1% of our clients pay US tax, so the chances are you won’t have to pay the IRS a single cent.
To get started in the process, complete our US Tax Amnesty questionnaire using this link: https://www.expattaxonline.com/product/streamlined/