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The US and UK tax system are totally different.

Despite living in a different country, you find yourself in the complicated predicament of having to file both US and UK taxes. This is because the US is one of only two countries that still taxes its citizens despite their change in location. The US taxation system is citizenship-based, it doesn’t matter where you live. It’s also based around the calendar year.

The UK tax system is residency-based, and runs from April 6, to April 5.

There is a comprehensive tax treaty (Totalization Agreement) between the US and UK, and it helps prevent US citizens and Green Card holders from double-taxation. Most income streams are covered, but not all.

us tax london
american tax london

IRS Streamlined - I Haven’t Filed US Tax Returns For 10 Years…

IRS Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program

  • Are you an American citizen or green card holder living in London? Have you fallen behind in Submitting your tax returns?
  • Maybe you didn’t even know that you had to pay US taxes in London, in the first place? You’re not the only one.
  • You can now start fresh with a streamlined procedure that allows you to catch up on taxes wherever you want to call home!
  • The IRS Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program helps overseas Americans file their unsettled US tax returns without the fees and penalties.
  • Click on this link and read about the IRS Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program.
  • Am I eligible for the US Child Tax Credit Refund?
    Click on this link and read about the Additional Child Tax Credit Refund for Americans based in the UK.



Taxes aren’t fun but we can make it easy. We at Expat Tax Online can:

✓ Prepare your Federal Tax Returns
✓ Process your returns for the Streamlined Procedure

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us tax london questionnaire1. QUESTIONNAIRE

Complete our simple online questionnaire, upload any statements, and we’ll do the rest.

us tax london calculator2. NUMBER CRUNCH

Leave all the calculations and the tough stuff to us. Our accountants love it.

american tax london3. SIGN IT

You download it and sign it, we’ll file it. If your return cannot be e-filed, we’ll give you the exact IRS mailing address

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If we’ve done a great job, help us spread the word and leave us a 5-star review.

If you’re an American Expat living in London, then you’ll love what we have in store for you!

Simple, cost-effective solutions

Managing your US taxes in London shouldn’t be so complicated. With our experience and skill, we can easily prepare your tax returns so you won’t have to worry about them yourself.

Upfront Prices

We give 5-star services for the best price and without the extra fees. We also guarantee a 100% refund if you’re unsatisfied with our services.

Expatriate tax Expertise

Our team of tax specialists can manage returns for over a hundred different countries, including London.

Maximum Security

We uphold the highest security standards which is why we only use ShareFile, the leading online security system in the world, in storing your documents.


We live by the philosophy of genuine customer care which is why we continually improve our services by adopting helpful client feedbacks.

Contact us.

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The IRS publicly lists licensed tax professionals on their official website, there is an entire directory that the public can search to make sure they are dealing with a real, licensed tax professional. 

Use the official IRS link below to check the IRS professional directory, note the website is the official IRS website. 

In name field, type in Andrew’s surname “LANDIN”, and in the country field, type in AUSTRALIA. 

As you will see from Andrew’s Bio, he was in Australia for many years which is why he is listed under Australia on the IRS website.

All our senior accountants are licensed by the IRS and we’d be happy to send you the whole list.

Access the official IRS directory by clicking the button above, and verify us there


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